Projected number of books for youth: 12,000 Learn more
Learn more Wooden was a teacher so every Wooden purchase contributes to providing books to schools and youth in need. This number is based on 12‑month projected sales. Each Fabled sneaker supports a related cause.
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Learn more An original song about John Wooden written and performed by LA based Warm Brew of Red Bull Records.
A design as detailed
and humble as Coach
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The Wooden design is as humble, honest, self-assured and detailed as the Coach. The unisex, versatile sneaker is made with premium materials and uses a silhouette from the early days of basketball. To overcome the discomfort of high‑tops, we added stitchless quilted foam and an achilles cradle to the collar. Rounding out the Wooden sneaker are many little details because Coach wouldn't have it any other way.


  • Feather-light at 7.5 ounces
  • Stichless quilted collar for flexibility and comfort
  • Premium materials
  • Achilles cradle made with basketball uniform material
  • Silhouette inspired by basketball heritage
  • Signature Fabled footbed
  • Wooden's iconic eyeglasses hidden in logo
  • 10 stars on the heels for 10 championships
  • Sole design based on Pyramid of Success

Why Wooden

We wanted to introduce Wooden's counterculture message to new generations. From humble brags to brag brags, we're living in a "look at me" world. We've lost sight of doing our best without needing to be told we're the best. The beauty of Coach's message is that it has nothing to do with fame or validation on social media.


To celebrate Wooden's love for poetry, Fabled is using hip hop - modern day poetry - to introduce the legendary mentor and his message to new generations. Enter your video for a chance to win free sneakers.


Wooden was a teacher so every purchase contributes to providing books to schools and youth in need.

Projected number of books for youth: 12,000*

* This number is based on 12-month projected sales.
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